Succulent in winter…

Spikey succulents


Succulent flower spike

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/2.8 Lensbaby

Succulents flower in the coldest part of the winter in Western Australia. Its always a pleasure to go into the garden on a cold winters day and see these strong sculptural succulent forms against the low failing light in the late afternoon… 

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Painted tiny florets…

Painted tiny florets

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/8 .5s ISO200 Olympus 60mm Macro Twin macro light

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Tiny florets a second time…

Tiny florets - another day another flower!

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/8  5s  60mmMacro lens with extension rings illuminated with Olympus macro lights.

These tiny perfumed florets are 2.5mm across the width of the petals so this image is about 5x life size on yours truly’s monitor. Setting a custom white balance on the EM1 is about as easy as it gets with any camera and a custom white balance is a must when photographing florets with the Olympus macro lights. These lights are set a half power which gives some idea of the lighting power that they are capable of. Flowers photographed with LED’s seem loose a bit of colour saturation.

About eight or ten years ago I made up some LED macro lights when they first became available specifically for photographing small items of jewellery I had two mini banks in clusters of three fixed behind a couple of Stofen flash diffusers it worked quite well until the transformer burnt out. After it happened a second time I gave up on the idea when a couple of the then expensive LED’s fried.  This is fairly common in Western Australia as our power supply tends to be quite dirty. Over the years we have many appliances die prematurely due to power fluctuations…

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Sunrise over Cocos palm…

Sunrise over Cocos palm

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Walter Keeler Oilcan form, Salt glazed teapot…

Walter Keeler Oil Can Teapot Walter Keeler Oil Can Teapot Walter Keeler Oil Can Teapot

Walter Keeler Oilcan form Salt glazed teapot

This salt glazed teapot was made by Walter Keeler in the late 1980’s. Walters work is consider to be investment or museum quality and often auctioned by the main art auction houses.
His work widely acknowledged around the world for its quality and sheer cleverness of design.
This teapot is unique but one of a series of similar shaped forms. Now in his 70s Walter is producing work but totally different to this. To reference more of his work can be found by searching with his name Walter Keeler on  the Google or here

Olympus EM1 OMD Lumix G 12-42mm

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A beautiful hand crafted teapot by Derek Emms

A beautiful teapot hand made by Derek Emms

I never met Derek Emms but I have owned one of his impeccable teapots for many years. Bernard Leach was the father of the twentieth century pottery movement but the people who he taught and influenced often made better work Derek was one of these people…

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Pak Choi in flower…

Vedgetables in flower the pretty little Pak choi

Olympus EM-1 OMD ƒ/9 1/5s ISO640 60mm Macro lens

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Tiny florets…

Tiny-florets a new flower in the Jarrah Forest

Olympus EM-1 OMD f/5.6 1/180s ISO640 60mm Macro
One of the advantages of living in the bush is that I am only a minute away from some of the most diverse flora on the planet, welcome to W.A. I have no idea what this flower is except that it does not appear regularly in this little corner of the Jarrah forest. It is common because I have seen it regularly elsewhere but just not here. I will identify it tomorrow and photograph some of the minuscule detail in these Tiny florets. Have to do it soon because another week and it will be replaced by some other little wonder.

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Purple Hakea

Purple Hakea with very prickly leaves

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/5.6 1/5s ISO200 Olympus 60mm Macro


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Jarrah flower buds… Flowers coming soon!

Flowers coming soon!

Olympus OMD EM1 ƒ/3.5 2s ISO200 60mm Macro

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