Lignum concrete

Lignum concrete the heart of the brutalist construction...


‘Lignum concrete’ the heart of the brutalist construction… Wood grain set in concrete so easy on the eye and to explore by touch – no splinters!

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Henty House the Service Tasmania building…

Henty House Service Tasmania Building

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Tree ferns and brutalism…

Tree ferns and brutalism Henty House in Launceston Tasmania

Tree ferns and brutalism Henty House in Launceston Tasmania

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Grain elevator steps soon to be a hotel!

Grain elevator steps soon to be a hotel fire escape ladders perhaps?

Olympus EM1 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II
Grain elevator steps soon to be a hotel fire escape ladders perhaps?

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Ali’s Barber Shop, Elizabeth Street, Launceston…

Ali Barber Shop, Elizabeth Street Launceston

I’m bit of a sucker for photographing shop names and there have been some real winners, but this on is just plain fun. Ali’s Barber Shop, on Elizabeth Street in Launceston made me laugh I am sure the owner presumably Ali thought of the word play as a bit of a giggle…


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Lowhead Lighthouse

Lighthouse graphic

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Do you see the spirit?

Do you see the spirit?

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Then we took a plane – Qantas carrying a cockatiel!

Quantas pretty good service this time

At the end of the flight when we picked him up in Adelaide fresh out of the Qantas hold he was traumatised the. PTSD last about weeks. I don’t know if this applies to all birds but Cockatiels are very sensitive little creatures. In the mornings all birds tend to be, well er noisy! In Lucio’s case this manifests itself as chattiness, he will speak all the three word sentences he has ever learned but after the plane trip and a few days later the 8 hours inside the car in the hot hold of the spirit of Tasmania he was stressed very stressed all his words came out jumbled up and even the sylables were in some cases back to front. All very odd. There is a Phd thesis in there somewhere…

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First the car took a train on the Indian specific…

A guard for the car


This was all a bit dumb go back a few posts and you will see my next best friend. he is a beautiful white faced cockatiel a native of W.A. so one of my lusts of a life time was crushed a trip to Melbourne on the Indian Pacific, when we were told birds can’t travel on trains I was devastated… How silly is that! So we had to take a plane while the car traveled on the train

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Last light in Mahogany Creek

Last light in Mahogany Creek a change for the better ?

A few days ago I left Mahogany Creek likely forever. After living in the same place for twenty six years I feel a sense of loss. Living in a forest has been a wonderful experience and a memory which I will treasure till my lifes end. But all good things must come to an end and so it has been with my forest existence but with ends come new beginnings. There are a number of projects that will never be finalised. I’m about three photos short of all the orchids that grow in the area,  two of them never appeared the third was seen but eaten by some creature before I got to photograph it. Likewise with the Stylidium (also known as triggerplants or trigger plants) is a genus of dicotyledonous plants that have the notoriety of being the fastest kinetic plants on the planet. W.A. is particularly rich in this genus. I may be a bit eccentric in todays world but seeing these native plants appear every spring added a perspective to life that was missing almost from the day I left the rural north west of England forty five years ago.

And so now its to Tasmania we are bound a new ecosphere a different climate and another new beginning…

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